backstage | behind the scenes


HUGE Theatre, Minneapolis


Pre-show at the Comedy Central Stage, Los Angeles


rehearsing for improv?

Since 3 FOR ALL is committed to never repeating a scene, many have asked what they could possibly rehearse. Tim likens their rehearsals (or "warm-ups" as they call them) to a practice for competitive sports. You don't actually play the game you're going to play but you practice the skills that go into it.

Here is an insider look at one of the countless scenes their public will never see performed. They also give themselves the liberty to do what they rarely do onstage...laugh at themselves.



Cowell Theater, San Francisco. New Year's Eve with True Fiction Magazine


HUGE Theater, Minneapolis, Twin Cities Improv Festival  with lighting improviser, Rish Sanghvi


The Theatre Asylum lobby, tricked out tor one of the Los Angeles 3 FOR ALL runs